Notelake is an easy-to-use notepad that will enable you to quickly take and access notes wherever you are, across a wide variety of devices.

Best User Interface in the Market

Notelake has one of the simplest, most intuitive, and easy-to-use interfaces in the market. You can create or edit notes lightning quick, even using only keyboard shortcuts. No other application on the market is as easy to use and understand as Notelake.

Always 100% Free

Notelake is currently and will always remain a 100% completely free application for users to download and access, on any device. It is available through the Chrome store, Google Play, or at

Cloud-Wide Synchronization via Android App

Notelake has an Android app which features a robust, cloud-wide synchronization routine that will ensure all your notes are kept accurate and up to date across all of your different devices. You can use the application to continue to take notes even in an offline state.

Google Authorization

Unlike other note taking applications, Notelake incorporates Google authorization at the root level. This means that when you are logged into your Google account on a device, you can access all of your notes without needing to visit and log into

Full Data Export Capability

Notelake has ensured that creating a full export of the data stored in the application is quick and simple. This means that you are free to create backups or even switch to another product without losing access to your critical data.

Security and Encryption

SSL Certificate

So if you have been looking for a note taking application, consider taking a close look at Notelake. It is simple to use, easy to understand, remarkably versatile, and best of all, completely free.